Hobey’s Casino Winners 2016

Bruce & Bob G. win big with Panama’s Picks
$3,000 winner to a Fallon Farmer!
Salvador wins $250 plus 49er’s tickets
Bill…2016 Pro Football Challenge Winner
$1,504 for Sun Valley resident
$3,169 for this lucky man!
Sabina hits for $1,556!
Kevin had 2nd most winning picks in 2016!
Local man wins $1,631!
Terry his the jackpot again for $5,240!
Local man wins $1,327!
Lucky winner gets $6,209!
$1,628 Jackpot!
$1,529 Jackpot!
Randal wins $2,564!
Wow! $2,261 jackpot!
George wins $3,084!
Local woman hits $4,166 on new Buffalo game!
Lemmon Valley Resident wins $2,054!
Winner! $2,197!
Winner! $2,092!
Debra wins $1,419 on the Penny Train!
Cathy wins $5,644 playing Hobey’s Dollars with her friend Donna!
John just wanted to show off his customized Hobey’s Hat!
It’s Al’s birthday so Loretta serves up a slice of $3,500 Jackpot Cake!
Sharon is all smiles with her $5,055 jackpot!
Ian wins 1st place and $500 in the Basketball Bracket Challenge!
Bridget wins $2,096!
Michael wins $2,045 on the Dragon Fairy game!
Gloria wins $1,600!

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